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TEG1116P-16-150W / Switch / 1000M&PoE 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch with 16-Port PoE

TEG1116P-16-150W is a Tenda PoE Switch that offers 16 10/100/1000Mbps Base-TX RJ45 ports 1-16 comply with IEEE 802.3af standard (maximum PoE power output: 15.4 W) and 802.3at standard (maximum PoE power output: 30 W). The switch offers a maximum PoE power output of 135W and can supply power to and exchange data with APs, IP cameras and IP phones through CAT5 cables. It also provides simple management modes such as CCTV, VLAN and isolation to help reduce cabling costs of IP terminals like APs and IP cameras.